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Liberty Affairs

Mainstream or Indian intellectuals circle has been always provided & explored single-sided views of solving many problems of today. We wanted to explore various views and solutions that might solve our problems more effectively.

Liberty Affairs is a video show that educates and provides Liberty-oriented commentary on current affairs and contemporary problems of India. 

 Mission: To Generate new perspectives on the current affairs of India based on the philosophy of liberty.

Objectives of show

To make Liberty solutions mainstream by introducing narratives of libertarian ideas and its policies.

Creating a repository of libertarian solutions for the current problem in India for multi-purpose use (educational and advocacy purposes)

To provide easily understandable commentary and solutions for current affairs based on the rich intellectual tradition of Free society.

To Influence Media, Policymakers, and civil society leaders to look for alternative ideas and solutions based on ideas of liberty.


Swatantrata Center


Chakravarthy Nalamotu

Media Partner

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Meet the Host & Editor

Chakravarthy Nalamotu

Nalamotu Chakravarthy is the Founder of the Centre for individual liberty and advisor of swatantrata Center he is a management graduate from Columbia University. He lived in the United States for two decades and worked as a Management Consultant for several Fortune 500 Companies including Thomson Reuters, Allstate, Comcast, Motorola, US Gypsum, TRW, Cablevision, Travelers, New York City Govt, and US Cellular.

Chakravarthy returned to India with his wife and two children in 2012. He now pursues his two passions- Farming and Free Markets. While he does farming in his native place in Nalgonda, he also travels around the state giving talks on Capitalism and Free Markets. Chakravarthy is a libertarian and is a follower of the Austrian School of Economics. He promotes capitalism, unilateral free trade, and small governments. He also advocates the abolition of RBI and champions the adoption of sound money.

Meet the Team

Meet our amazing people that make this show posible. 

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Research & Operations

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Swatantrata Center

Research & Content curation

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